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All our software products are freely distributable via all media, providing no charge is made (except for a reasonable handling charge), and all files in the package are included. If different conditions prevail then written permission from the author is required.

For your convenience (and ours), all software product information is also available in PAD (Portable Application Description) files. If you are not familiar with PAD, you can learn about it at http://www.asp-shareware.org/pad. Listed below are our XML files. You are free to copy or link to these as you wish, but please do let us know that you have done so. This will enable us to keep you informed of any new products that we may release in the future. If you would like us to implement any of your own extensions into the file, just send us the URL or html page and we will implement it at our earliest.

Please make sure sure to poll these files regularly to keep the product information up-to-date.

Our PAD file URLs:

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