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Text2Web Pro (Free)
Version 2.3.1 - released 29 August 2005
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Text2Web Pro is a tool to convert text documents to html format. It incorporates integrated clipboard support which provides an almost seamless operation for web authors who want to include snippets of text (formatted or unformatted) into their web pages.

Main Features:
  • operate in command-line, batch or interactive mode.
  • HTML formatting handles line and column sensitive text (e.g. lists and tables).
  • place html code inside a table for display with margins.
  • generate true HTML lists and tables.
  • select font parameters..
  • integrated clipboard support.
  • generate free-standing web page or convert text snippets for insertion into an existing HTML document.
  • specify background color/image and link/text colors.
  • generate Javascript Link Selection Boxes from comma-separated lists.
  • use different profiles for different configurations.
  • option to replace and customise entities.
  • text translation can be performed on converted document.
  • input can be read from a file or clipboard.
  • output can be written to a file or clipboard.
  • can add extra code such as meta-tags, header and footer.
  • floating bar with small footprint for ease of operation and placement on screen.
Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Cost: Free

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