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VAMP (free) - Advanced Mail Processor
Version - released on 13 November 2012
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  VAMP - Frequently Asked Questions:

8. Can VAMP automatically save an email attachment?
Not directly. But you can use one of the many command line decoders, freely available, to achieve this from within Vamp. The steps are as follows:
  1. Set up a filter as normal. If you want to know which messages have an attachment, set a filter to detect if "Content-Type" header contains a boundary element. This is just one way you could do it. You may know a better one.

  2. Your decoder command line may be something like:

    YourDecoder.exe SourceFile DestinationFile

    with the correct paths, naturally.

    To run the decoder from within Vamp, you will need to create a batch file and use the option that allows you to run an external program. Your batchfile would be somthing like:

    YourDecoder.exe %1 DestinationFile

    You will need to check the command format for the decoder you are using, but the principal is the same.

That is it. Your atttachment will be decoded and saved from the relevent messages.

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