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VAMP (free) - Advanced Mail Processor
Version - released on 13 November 2012
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  VAMP - Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will re-installation/upgrade preserve all my present settings and configuration?

  2. Can Vamp be used as an NT service?

  3. Does Vamp work with webmail?

  4. Does Vamp work with IMAP4?

  5. Is Vamp a plug-in for Outlook?

  6. Does Vamp work with Netscape and/or Outlook?

  7. If I want it to perform operations on ONLY the attachment is it possible?

  8. Can VAMP automatically save an email attachment?

  9. Can Vamp filter on text contained in the body of a message?

  10. I want to send an auto-reply to all messages. Can I do this in Vamp?

  11. Does Vamp download messages from the sever to my computer?

  12. Is there a limit to the size of data files that Vamp appends extracted data to?

  13. Does Vamp act as a local POP3 and/or SMTP server?

  14. Can I use Vamp for bulk email?

  15. Is there a limit to the number of attachments that can be sent with a message?

  16. How can I run an external program with parameters?

  17. I get log entries saying 'msg exceeds size limit'. What is the size limit?

  18. Vamp keeps processing the same messages over and over again. How can I stop this?

  19. My filter worked the first time but it now ignores the messages. Why is this?

  20. Vamp checks the mailbox, it sees the messages, but doesn't recognize them as new messages.

  21. I am pretty sure that my filter is correct but I cannot get it to work. What could be the reason for this?

  22. I have extracted an email from the message body but the To: box does not contain an entry for this. How can I post a message to this address?

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